dinosaur birthday party theme

Birthday Themes – Dinosaurs

I love theming the kids Birthdays because it creates a snapshot in time that is a reflection of their current interests and phases.  You can look back and be like “oh yes, we did a Dinosaur theme because the boys were VERY into Dinos at that age”. There was so much you can do for this party theme and I loved prepping and enjoying the day!

dinosaur themed birthday

Landing on this theme was easy.  The kids stomp around and "Roar" like they are Dinos so a party themed around Dinos was perfect.  Once we decided on the theme, we came up with a good menu to compliment it and lots of decorations to boot! 

dinosaur theme birthday menu

I used food signs to display all of the different food options we had.  I share more about this concept in the Tablescape – Party Menu Signs Blog.  There are several perks to doing this and I would suggest considering using food labels/signs for your next party.  We offered some “Plant Eating” and “Meat Eating” Dino options.  We also tried to put a Dino spin on several of the food options, like the “Veggie Volcano”, the “Buffalo Pterodactyl Dip”, and the “Dino Egg Donuts”. 

One of my favorite DIYs for the party was the smoking Volcano for the “Veggie Volcano”! I used a small diffuser (no oil drops added to it) and wrapped it with black vinyl to create a smoking Volcano!

dinosaur party theme decorations

There is so much to list so I am doing it in bullet form!

    • Dinosaur Balloons (if you go this route, you will also need your own helium tank, we use the tank from Michaels)
    • Dinosaur Plates (loved these, affordable and perfect for the theme)
    • Dinosaur themed Food Signs (this was a DIY, see the Tablescape - Party Menu Signs Blog )
    • Custom Mason Jars for the utensils and table flowers by Craftingisadreamjob
    • Dollar Tree hanging decorations (they had lots of Dino decorations!)
    • Custom Banners by Craftingisadreamjob
    • Dinosaurs for playing (some of our favorites are the Dinosaur hand puppets and the Dinosaur Jungle mat)
    • Dino Coloring books


dinosaur birthday theme

An “Art Bar” was what we used to keep the kiddos entertained and serve as a party favor as well.  More about the concept in the “Art Bar” for Craft Activity and Party Favor Blog.  We also had Dinosaur coloring books and our favorite kids paint markers from Kwik Stix that kept the kiddos very entertained.  A few other things we did was to gather ALL our Dinos and Dino books we had to setup outside in a “Kid Area”.  We also had Dino tattoos that we all put on!

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