Magnolia wreath diy

Magnolia Wreath DIY

I was interested in getting a Magnolia wreath for over a year and hesitated due to the price. The ones I liked the most were all at least $60. I kept thinking it might be a good DIY! I finally figured it all out with a few supplies from Michaels and voilà.

Magnolia's are beautiful trees that are known for the their strength and are known to represent dignity, spirituality and peace.  Sounds like a nice tree to use for a wreath, right?!

materials for a magnolia DIY wreathThe materials are pretty basic! And everything can be purchased at Michaels! When checking out, be sure to apply a coupon - they often have a 20% off entire order coupon offered and if you haven’t used it yet, we love their Buy Online Pick-up In-store Option (check out my blog on that amazing feature).

Total is $28 if you use the 20% coupon!

6Ft Magnolia Leaf Garland by Ashland� | Michaels�

6Ft Magnolia Leaf Garland by Ashland | Michaels

Purchase the 6ft. Magnolia Leaf Garland by Ashland at Michaels. Perfect to use for a DIY Magnolia Wreath!

FloraCraft� CraftF?M Extruded Wreath White | 16 in | Michaels�

FloraCraft Extruded Wreath White | 16 in | Michaels

Buy the FloraCraftCraft Extruded Wreath at Michaels. Perfect to use for a DIY Magnolia Wreath! Made with recycled plastic!  

 magnolia wreath diy steps

  1. Wrap the foam circle with the burlap and use a few pins to reinforce
  2. Pull off all the leaves from the Magnolia strand. This was easy to do and they just pop off!
  3. Pin the leaves all around the wreath.
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