DIY Party Signs

DIY Party Signs

Do you need some tips for displaying a party sign at your next event? Here are two!I love displaying a themed DIY sign at my parties and I am going to share my two favorite easy and affordable ways to do it! 

A themed party sign is great to welcome guests, use near the food to display the menu, or create a backdrop for party pictures.  Any way you do it will be a memorable and nice addition to the party. 

DIY party signs framed poster on an easel

I make welcome signs like the one pictured using the Belmont frame by Studio Decor from Michaels - these frames are affordable and not made with glass so if it gets knocked over there is no issue.  I display the framed sign using a collapsible Easel frame stand from Amazon.  I just swap the picture in the frame for each event and boom, a reusable decoration for any occasion - a very worthwhile investment! I use Canva to create and print the design. 


White Belmont Frame by Studio Decor� | 24

White Belmont Frame by Studio Decor| 24" x 36" | Michaels

Durable frame has a contemporary design and looks great in almost any decor. 


DIY party frames chalkboard easel

A free standing Easel works great to either write on with chalk pens or to incorporate with decals.  I use my Cricut for the decals but you can either buy custom decals from Craftingisadreamjob or stickers at Michaels to get a similar look.  

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