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Gender Reveal - Halloween - Boo-y or Ghoul

If you are finding out the sex of your little one, a Gender Reveal is a great excuse for a party! If you like Halloween or are doing the reveal around Halloween, a Boo-y (Boy) or Ghoul (Girl) themed party is a perfect way to reveal the news!  Costumes required!  

gender reveal halloween invitation

My Brother and Sister-in-law did a great job throwing a Halloween themed Gender reveal party.  As a first time Aunt, I was thrilled they wanted CraftingIsaDreamJob to help with a few of the hand-crafted personalized details of the party!  The Boo-y or Ghoul invitation they used was from Etsy seller HappyHenDesignCo.  The design was a perfect inspiration for the personalized details that I added. I personalized everything with either a Ghost (Boo-y) or a Witch hat (Ghoul). 

gender reveal halloween menu

As you will read in my Menu Food Signs Blog, I love to use food/drink signs at a party.  There are a few benefits that make it worthwhile and the signs can be personalized and themed for any event.  The signs were positioned in front of each of the food offerings at the party to identify what was being offered. Each sign had the Ghost and Witch Hat theme.  The starters included corn dip, carmelized onion dip and a cheese board that was decked out with Halloween food picks.  For the main course, there were three kinds of chili with all the fixings as well as Mac-n-Cheese and Corn Bread.  For dessert, there were “Witch fingers” and a variety or Spooky or Cute Cupcakes.  The signature cocktail was a “Bloody Sangria”.

gender reveal halloween haunted house

To enter the Party, you had to go through a Haunted House that was made by my Brother-in-law.  At the entrance of the maze was a sign I made using my DIY easy party sign approach (check out the Party Sign Blog for instructions and links).  The Haunted Maze was so impressive! He made a structure with plastic pipe and then hung black plastic to create an amazing maze of Haunts! At the end of the maze, you “Picked a Potion”.  In addition to the Haunted house, they had haunts throughout the rest of the party! There were ghosts hung to the ceiling fans, bloody scenes in the Dining room, scary lighting everywhere, a massive spider in the bathroom (people screamed!), and scary touches throughout the outside as well.  They scored many of their decoration pieces from Spirit Halloween and Party City.

gender reveal halloween decorations

Around a bonfire, they had Straw Bales setup which is a great way to offer seating for guests. We did something similar at a recent party and it is an affordable and seasonal approach to extra seating for guests. You can get straw bales at your local landscape or farm supply stores.

gender reveal halloween cauldron

The reveal was SO cool! The color of the smoke that came out of the cauldron revealed Boo-y or Ghoul! You can get a pink/blue smoke bomb on Etsy.  This approach was very on theme!


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