Birthday Themes - Donut First Birthday

Birthday Themes - Donut First Birthday

I have always loved planning and prepping for my kids First Birthday's! Picking a theme makes the party planning so fun!  I was excited when a friend of mine asked that I make the decorations for her daughter, Kennedy's, first birthday. The theme...DONUTS. The theme was cute and delicious :-) At one point my two boys were basically drooling over the donut display and I was begging them to wait patiently (tough ask for a 2 and 3 year old).
donut themed first birthday sweet one clothingKennedy wore a CraftingIsaDreamJob donut onesie with a Tutu for the party. I love the look of a onesie with a Tutu for a First Birthday party. It is a very festive and on brand look for such a fun celebration. She also had a cute donut headpiece that was bought from another shop on Etsy. If you have another design in mind, check out CraftingIsaDream job's custom onesie listing to create your own.
donut first birthday cake topper
Rather than worry about designing a cake to match the theme, a custom cake topper is a great alternative, especially with a simple cake like the one pictured above. For a donut themed party, I highly suggest having a donut wall - this is so cute on display!
donut themed first birthday sweet one high chair banner
My Favorite part of a 1st Birthday party is watching the little one eat cake (possibly for the first time)! Kennedy was so cute eating her cupcake and she made sure she had the icing all over her for all the guests to enjoy as they watched. Since the Birthday boy/girl will likely be sitting in their highchair for this activity, having a themed banner in front of them is a great addition. The Sanders used a donut themed highchair banner that CraftingIsaDreamJob made. CraftingIsaDreamJob also offers custom highchair banners with various materials and colors depending on what your vision is and how you want to theme your party.
donut themed first birthday sweet one photo banner
At almost every party I host I have some pictures on display to commemorate the guest of honor. For a First Birthday, I like a banner that shows a picture from each month of the first year of their life. It makes for a SUPER cute decoration and guests love to look at pictures! The photo banners can be made in different colors and styles to match your vision and theme.
donut themed first birthday sweet one party hat
Party hats compliment a theme because they are basically wearable decorations! CraftingIsaDreamJob can customize a first birthday party hat for you with various options that you can check out in the shop. There are also cute themed headbands like the one Kennedy wore during the party that you can find on Etsy.
details for a donut themed first birthday sweet one party
There are a few other details of note at this donut themed bash that I wanted to share! The Sanders did a balloon arch for the party which looked awesome. I think balloons are a necessity at a party as the kids love playing with them AND they look so cute and compliment the color scheme of the party theme! They got a balloon arch kit to make the display pictured above. They said a balloon pump for blowing up the balloons was a necessity! The Sanders also did a really cute time capsule idea where the guests write Kennedy a note that will be stored away until her 18th Birthday. What a cute idea! One last thing to note is decorated mason jars are great for putting in utensils at the party. They had a really cute custom made mason jar set from CraftingIsaDreamJob.

Look out for more themed Birthday ideas and reach out to CraftingIsaDreamJob if you have an idea that you would like to see come to life.
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