a sweet little deer baby shower details

Baby Shower – A Sweet Deer Themed

"A Sweet Deer is Almost Here!" was the theme we used at the baby shower honoring my sister Kelly.  Celebrating Jackson, our sweet little deer who is almost here, was a blast! This is a perfect theme if you are going for a woodsy vibe.  

a sweet deer is almost here baby shower themeDeciding on a theme can help shape and plan the rest of the party details.  Once you have a theme you will have the inspiration to create an invitation, plan the menu, assemble the party favors, and plan the décor and games.  A deer theme worked well with the vibe of the nursery that the Baby was going to have.  Going along with the nursery theme is a great way to inspire your party theme!  I suggest deciding on an invitation that you can pull from to design other aspects of your party as well.  Purchase this invitation (will be customized for your event) here


a sweet deer is almost here baby shower theme foodWe served a Penne Vodka pasta and Caesar salad but because our shower was turned into the drive-by type (Covid) we had to use “to-go” bags. To transition to all “to-go” I purchased containers for the food and dessert.  I loved the look of the cupcake boxes!  Adding custom labels to the bags and the cupcake boxes added that personalized touch that I love. 

Since we hosted outside, the guests were greeted with a hot beverage bar.  It definitely made sense given we were outdoors but I think this same setup would be welcomed for an indoor cold-weather shower as well.  We served coffee, hot water for tea varietals, and hot chocolate.  I added custom labels to the “to-go” cups because again, I love that personalized touch. 


a sweet deer is almost here baby shower theme decorationsCraftingisadreamjob made a custom banner with Jackson’s name.  There were a few balloons because it is embedded in me to always have a few at a party! I always add a bundle of balloons somewhere.  Having my own helium tank from Michaels makes this easy.  I also made table signs with one of my favorite set of frames.  I talk more about using these and other table frames in my Tablescape blog.  I also added some Faux floral to the tables which complemented the look from my invitation.  Michaels has strands of different varietals and I purchased the eucalyptus garland. 

Balloon Time� Jumbo Helium Tank | Michaels� 6Ft Eucalyptus Garland by Ashland� | Michaels�

a sweet deer is almost here baby shower theme games and activitiesSince the party was moved outside, I lined up all the games/activities on one table.  There was only one game that required thought and the rest were more display/slight involvement. 

The main activity was “Guess the age of the Mom-to-be”.  It is fun to look back at pictures of the Mom you are showering and it takes some thinking to come up with the answers! This is a game that is great to award a prize to for whoever is the winner! I made the collage and printed it at my local print store.  The frame I used was my trusty favorites from Michaels, the Belmont frame by Studio Decor.  If you have read any of my other party blog posts you will see I own several of these frames, in different colors, to always hold some type of sign at my parties.

White Belmont Frame by Studio Decor� | 24

White Belmont Frame by Studio Decor| 24" x 36" | Michaels

Durable frame has a contemporary design and looks great in almost any decor. 


Shadow box with hearts for shower

The Shadow box with hearts was something I thought would be a special way to store memories and a little piece of love from all of Jackson’s friends and family.  I loved this particular style Shadow box because it was thick enough to stand sturdy on a table in the nursery but it also comes with hardware to hang if that option works better for you.  I put the back of the invitation in the box but eventually, the Mom & Dad can add some other mementos. What a special memento in the Baby's room!

Diaper game at baby shower

The Diaper game always gives the Mom & Dad laughs.  I remember with our first born laughing at some of the sayings while doing those late-night changes.  This is a great and easy activity that is practical (new parents can take all the diapers they get) and funny! The personalized tote that the diapers are in is available in the Craftingitsadreamjob shop.  The totes are collapsible and are a great addition in the nursery for a variety of things!

Book labels for baby shower

The book labels are a special way to remind Jackson of his family and friends.  I asked the guests to bring a book to add to Jackson’s library.  Then I had a sheet of Craftingisadreamjob custom labels out for guests to sign and add to the book.  I did this for my kids and loved to tell them who each book was from.  It helps the kids learn all the special people in their lives!   

a sweet deer is almost here baby shower theme party favorsI wanted to stick with our dear theme for the favors so came up with a trail mix and added Craftingisadreamjob custom "Thank you" tags to the bags of trail mix.  The bags were from Amazon and worked perfect to hold the mix.  For the mix I went with all my favorite things that could go into a trail mix! I bought bulk bags of everything, mixed it all into one bowl, and then scooped each serving into the bags and tied it off with a Michaels ribbon and Craftingisadreamjob tag.  Adding a custom tag to any favor is a perfect personalization detail that Craftingisadreamjob can help with!

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