Seasonal Surprise - Thanksgiving "Thanks"

Seasonal Surprise - Thanksgiving "Thanks"

The season of being Thankful and Giving is upon us!! Thanksgiving is a nice time to take a moment to be thankful and recognize all our blessings. To help spread the Thankful vibes and remind everyone of our blessings, play the Thankful activity at Thanksgiving or drop off a Seasonal Surprise - Thanksgiving Edition. 


This is a simple activity; it just involves writing what you are thankful for!  Each guest at your next Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving will write what they are thankful for on papers to be read after dinner.  The activity is anonymous and entries can be unlimited!  Our family has done this for many years and it is always a nice intermission between dinner and dessert. It allows some time to recognize how much we all are thankful for! 

There are many ways to make a Thanksgiving thankful box...Craftingisadreamjob offers a Thankful Activity kit that comes with the decorated jar, printed instructions, pens, and pre-cut paper to make it easy peasy but this is also a very easy thing to DIY.  My first Thanksgiving Thankful game was made out of a shoe box that my sister and I decorated (and we still use it 12 years later).  You can use anything; a basket, box, jar, etc.  The links to either purchase a kit or download the printable are below.

Seasonal Surprise - Thanksgiving Edition

Similar to the Seasonal Surprise - "Halloween Boo" deliveries, you can drop off a Seasonal Surprise - "Thanks" to neighbors and friends!  There is a printable below that allows you to write-in what you are thankful for.  I also suggest a few things to put inside your special delivery!  What a great way to remind someone that you are Thankful for them and spread the seasons thankful vibes!

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