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Halloween Costumes – Family Peanuts Costume

On Halloween, our family loves to do group costumes. This year the kids decided to be Peanuts characters, so it was a perfect theme to have Mom & Dad included!  

In this blog I will teach you how to make children's costumes for Snoopy and Woodstock. I will also provide links to the materials used in these costumes as well as the adult costumes we made for Charlie Brown and Lucy. Enjoy!

Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, and Woodstock

When the boys announced they wanted to be Peanuts characters, we were happy that we could easily continue our tradition of group costumes. The Snoopy and Woodstock outfits are made from sweatpants & sweatshirts with a few simple additions - super easy! The nice thing about using sweatpants is that they are warm, comfortable and can be re-used after Halloween is over!

  1. Cut three, ~6 inch pieces of fur fabric
  2. Fold the pieces over at the edges to prevent the fur from shedding (there will be lots of shedding so I had a lint roller handy)
  3. Attach the ears on either side of the hood with safety pins
  4. Attach the third cut piece of fur on the center back of the sweatshirt with safety pins
  5. Cut a vinyl decal of the word "Snoopy" using a Cricut machine. If you don't have a Cricut machine, another option is to hand-write it onto a silver disc.
  6. Thread a red ribbon through the circle disc to create a "Snoopy" Dog Collar
  7. Add a little black eye liner to the nose of whoever is being Snoopy


woodstock Charlie Brown character halloween costume


  1. Cut a piece of rope the length of the hood perimeter (where the feather headpiece will go)
  2. Wrap yellow yarn loosely around 4 fingers, about 20 times around and then cut the yarn
  3. Tie the looped yarn onto the rope and then cut the folds
  4. Repeat until you have filled the length of the cut rope 
  5. Attach the rope to the hood of the sweatshirt using safety pins. 


Charlie Brown DIY halloween costumeMaterials:

Lucy halloween diy costume


    The Trick-or-Treat Personalized bags

    halloween trick or treat bags personalized Woodstock snoopy

    Like the boys trick-or-treat bags?  CraftingIsADreamJob makes them (we also have a burlap version)! Both come with a personalized name and design.  You can choose something to match their outfit or go Halloween generic and reuse each year.  I like the clear version so we can spot our favorite candies! 

    Linking Recap for Peanuts/Charlie Brown Family Costume:

    Two other easy Family Costume ideas are linked below! Happy Halloween!

    Old McDonald and His Farm!

    easy old McDonald and his farm family costume

    This one is easy! Dad is Old McDonald and everyone else is a farm animal!  Kids will have fun deciding which animal they want to be. Plus, after everyone decides what they want to be, you can add additional farm animals with hand puppets - which of course also serve as a toy for the kiddos.

    Wizard of Oz

    easy wizard of oz family halloween costume

    Everyone is familiar with the Wizard of Oz and it's characters, which makes this costume a guaranteed hit!  As a then family of three, we chose Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Lion but this theme works for larger families too!

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