Easy DIY Patriotic Craft

Easy DIY Patriotic Craft


It's Summer and I want to do all the fun things with the kiddos! This is a great summertime DIY and you can include the kids too!


The materials are pretty basic! And everything can be purchased at Michaels and Amazon! 

Total is ~ $20 if you use a 20% coupon at Michaels! 

FloraCraft� CraftF?M Extruded Wreath White | 16 in | Michaels�

FloraCraft Extruded Wreath White | 16 in | Michaels

Buy the FloraCraftCraft Extruded Wreath at Michaels. Perfect to use for a DIY Magnolia Wreath! Made with recycled plastic!  

 The Steps

  1. Gather the materials - 12 bandanas, a foam wreath, scissors, and a wreath hanger (if you don't have one already)
  2. Cut all the Bandanas in half
  3. Tie all the Bandanas around the foam wreath
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